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Enrollment in EUSAS

Exceptionally this semester, the classes will take place in a hybrid format. The candidate must choose to apply for the course vacancies in the face-to-face modality, at FGV's headquarters in Rio de Janeiro (Praia de Botafogo, 190) or in the virtual modality, mediated by technology through the live platform in the Zoom registration process;

 - Valid as additional time;

 - Enrolling through FGV must enroll in Aluno Online;

 - The result of the selection process will be published on this page until 07/21/2021;

 - A certificate will be issued with the seal of FGV and the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence (CEJM);

 - The use of shorts, flip-flops and tank tops is not allowed on FGV premises;


More information:



Enrollment procedure:

 - Students of disciplines; FGV: Enrollment period and discipline change period;

 - Other students: only registration on the website does not guarantee enrollment in the course. After the result, with the selected form, with the candidates approved in the accepted form an e-mail, with the choice of the sending process of the Academic Records Department (SRA). For more details, see the notice.


*The program responsible for issuing an issuance of a student permit. The certificate will only be available within 30 days from the end of the course. No duplicate certificates will be made available.


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