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Submission of articles

In order to submit your article please follow the Submission Rules and fill out the google forms below

Submission rules

1. Submissions must be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English.

2. The blog prioritizes posts that haven’t been published elsewhere.


3. Brazil/Latin America-related international law topics are highly encouraged.


4. Submissions by early-career scholars and PhD students are most welcome.


5. Only exceptionally pieces by undergraduate or LLM students are published. Pieces by undergraduate students will only be considered for publication if co-authored with a more senior academic or practitioner.


6. The opinions expressed by the authors of the posts do not in any way represent the opinion of the FGV Centre of Excellence on EU-South America Global Governance branch. Such opinions are the author’s only.


7. Types of contributions:


o Individual blog contribution, on any issue relating to International Law.

o Feature symposium where 4-5 authors come together to discuss different perspectives on the same topic / development.

o Review where an individual post focuses on a book or creative work on with a primary or exclusive focus on International Law.

o Review symposium where 4-5 reviewers focus on a book or creative work with a primary or exclusive focus on International Law, often with an introductory or final post by the author of the work under review.


8. Style guidelines:


○ Please send a contributor bio (no more than 25 words) and photograph

○ Word limit: 1,500 words (longer posts will be published only exceptionally, if the topic so warrants in the judgment of the editors).

○ Font: any font is acceptable

○ Spacing and paragraph format: single spaced with a single line return between paragraphs and no indentation

              ■ headings at your discretion to break up long posts

              ■ do not use more than one level of headings

              ■ headings should be in bold

○ Citations should be kept to a minimum. They should be indicated in parentheses immediately after the propositions or quotations that they support (footnotes are not allowed).

○ Hyperlinks: we allow and encourage authors to insert embedded hyperlinks to relevant supporting materials and legal texts, in addition to or preferably instead of citations.


9. The author must attach the article's file in the Google Forms (docx. format).

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Thanks for submitting!

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