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About the EU-South American School
on Global Governance

The EU-South American School on Global Governance was an activity promoted by the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence (CEJM) at FGV, funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ program. With the institution of the Center of Excellence, the highest academic degree awarded by the European Union, FGV possessed the official support of the EU to  offer courses that addressed the European Union's practices in global governance and its relevance to South America, as well as a variety of topics on its three main areas of research: Global Regulation; Global Litigation; and Human Rights and Democracy.

The First Module included lectures on the topic of Global Regulation, more specifically on the multi-level decision-making system, networks and regulatory reforms, including specialised modules in specific policy areas such as telecommunications, taxation, Internet governance, environmental and health. The Module on “Global Litigation” addressed the mechanisms for resolving regional and sub-regional disputes in the EU and South America and and its related challenges. The third Module concerning 'Human rights and democracy' addressed  topics such as the promotion of global public goods and the interests of the international community, international legitimacy and accountability, judicial dialogue, among others.

In addition to professors from FGV Direito Rio, the EU-South American School on Global Governance course has relied on the collaboration of experts from renowned institutions around the globe, in particular in Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.

The EUSAS course was targeted at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students from FGV and other universities, as well as specialised professionals, public policy makers, civil servants and the public in general.

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