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Global Litigation

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Over the last decades, the participation of State and non-State actors in the process of international law-making has become one of the basic features of international law. Recent changes also include the participation of new actors and a more influential role of the judicial bodies attached to IGOs. As multifunctional actors, international courts and tribunals (ICTs) perform important functions, such as the development of normative expectations. Therefore, the role of ICTs encompass the protection and development of the international community and its values.

Research Projects

  • Expanding access to international justice: The participation of State and Non-State Actors before international courts and tribunals;

  • Community interests and access to the International Court of Justice via the advisory function;

  • Third-party intervention and compliance with decisions of the International Court of Justice (in collaboration with prof. Serena Forlati, University of Ferrara);

  • Community Interests and erga omnes parte obligations before the International Court of Justice;

  • Non-State Actors and Investment Arbitration: the participation of State and NSA in community interest cases.

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