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Open Lectures at the EU-South American School on Global Governance

18 August 2021

How the European Union really works

Prof. Olivier Costa

College of Europe

22 September 2021

Soft law as a new source of international law

Prof. Juan Manuel Rivero Godoy

Universidad de Montevideo

23 February 2022

Smart Europe

Professor Renato G. Flôres Jr


18 May 2022

Thinking about scientific integrity at the WHO level: a mission impossible?

Professor Côme Bommier

Société Française et Francophone d'Éthique Médicale

8 June 2022

Contemporary issues in international private law

Professor Marilda Rosado

University of the State of Rio de Janeiro

17 August 2022

The European Union's Promotion of Human Rights Abroad: The Case of Latin America and the Caribbean

Professor Jan Wouters

Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies at KU Leuven

14 September 2022

International Dispute Settlement and the Preservation of Peace: The Role of the International Court of Justice in the 21st Century

Professor Achilles Skordas

Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and University of Bristol

19 October 2022

Impacts of the EU Investment Court System on Global Investment Policymaking

Professor Ely Caetano Xavier

Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro

26 October 2022

EU-Brazil Relations

Ambassador Ignacio Ybañez Rubio

European Union Embassy to Brazil

16 November 2022

Companies, human rights, and indigenous peoples in the Inter-American System of Human Rights

Professor Salvador Herencia Carrasco

University of Ottawa

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