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FGV Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on EU-LA Global Challenges (2023-2026) 

FGV JMCE EU-LA Global Challenges (2023-2
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The FGV Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on EU-LA Global Challenges brings together a diverse range of activities with national and international experts from renowned universities. The Centre's primary objective is to be a focal point of competence and knowledge on the European Union's role in a globalised world, in particular its role and interaction with the Global South. The Centre aims to disseminate EU studies to a broad audience in Latin America. This includes not only academics, but also policymakers, civil servants, civil society actors and the general public.

 To address complex and comparative issues related to the EU dimension in the Global Governance debate and its challenges, the Centre comprises both its staff professors and researchers and a highly qualified interdisciplinary team of Brazilian, Latin American, North American and European renowned invited professors from fields such as Political Science, International Relations, History, and Law. Our goal is to foster excellence in research and to ensure enhanced visibility for the promotion of EU studies both at the national and international levels.

 The FGV Centre of Excellence envisions joint transnational activities and structural links with academic institutions in Latin America and worldwide. This collaboration will enable us to share knowledge, develop partnerships, and conduct interdisciplinary research and events concerning the EU-Latin America Global Governance-related subjects. The Centre also encompasses key research networks on Global Regulation, Global Litigation, and Human Rights and Democracy in the EU and Latin America. These networks involve a group of professors participating in joint research, debates, and events throughout the project's lifetime.

International Partnership

Key Activities

The FGV Centre for Global Law promotes four key activities: high-level collaborative research projects, teaching with national and international partners, events, and systematic publications.  





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