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19 April 2023

European Union relations with the Middle East: various possible definitions of the Middle East

Monique Sochaczewski Goldfeld

Brazilian Institute of Teaching, Development, and Research

Monique Sochaczewski Goldfeld

On Wednesday, April 19th, Professor Monique Sochaczewski from the Brazilian Institute for Education, Development, and Research delivered an insightful lecture at the Rio School on Global Governance, Democracy, and Human Rights, an activity organised by the FGV Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on EU-South America Global Governance and co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme.

The lecture explored the various definitions of the Middle East, a region known since 1902, with a particular focus on the Republic of Turkey and its engagement with international institutions. Professor Sochaczewski's deep understanding of the Middle East region provided valuable perspectives on the intricacies of international relations. Professor Sochaczewski discussed Turkey's relationship with the European Union, the Organization of Islamic Conference, the Organization of Turkic States, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Moreover, the lecture highlighted the new geopolitics of the Middle East and the role of China, and underlined the importance of gaining insights into the region's complex dynamics. Overall, the lecture provided a comprehensive understanding of the issues surrounding the Middle East region and its implications for global governance.

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