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7 June 2023

Migration and Humanitarianism

Jean-Louis de Brouwer

Egmont - The Royal Institute for International Relations

Jean-Louis de Brouwer

On Wednesday, June 7th, the Rio School on Global Governance, Democracy, and Human Rights welcomed Professor Jean-Louis De Brouwer, from the Egmont Royal Institute for International Relations. The lecture, titled "Migration and Humanitarianism," was organised by the FGV Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on EU-South America Global Governance and co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme.

During the lecture, Professor Jean-Louis De Brouwer explored the causes of migration, including economic development, bad governance, and family resources, highlighting that migration is not limited to South-North flows. He emphasised the challenges of European Union governance, the lack of consensus on migration policies, and the gap between perception and reality.

In addition, Professor De Brouwer also stressed the importance of a binding policy framework and examined the link between humanitarianism and migration, distinguishing between protection based on needs and poverty reduction efforts. He addressed the challenges faced by humanitarian aid organisations, particularly in the politically sensitive context of Ukraine.

In the end of his presentation, Professor De Brouwer called for a cultural shift in perceiving migration, emphasising that it should be seen as a reality rather than a problem. He acknowledged the presence of established policies and legislation for the common European asylum system but highlighted the need for proper implementation and addressed the issue of political sanctions for violations. Overall, the lecture provided valuable insights into migration, EU policies, and the humanitarian dimension of the issue, shedding light on challenges, perceptions, and potential solutions.

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