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1st Methods Workshop: Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research Days

The Danish National Research Foundation's Centre of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts) / GEM-DIAMOND, Copenhagen, Denmark

On 19, 20 and 21 April 2023, Professor Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida was thrilled to participate, as a member of the GEM-DIAMOND consortium, in the event "1st Methods Workshop: Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research Days", held at iCourts, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Workshop is part of the activities organised by the GEM-DIAMOND programme, launched in October 2022, that will assess the EU’s capacity to act given the challenges facing globalisation and multilateralism. GEM-DIAMOND is a Marie Skłodowska Curie Action - Doctoral Network involving 6 European and 5 international degree-awarding Higher Education Institutes, among which the Getulio Vargas Foundation Law School, alongside 6 well-established non-academic institutions. The event was jointly organised by iCourts from the University of Copenhagen (Director, Mikael Rask Madsen and Henrik Stampe Lund) and the Institut d’études européennes from the ULB (Director, Ramona Coman and researcher, Frederik Ponjaert).

On the first day, Mikael Rask Madsen, Director of iCourts, gave an opening presentation on 'Interdisciplinary Studies of Legal Institutions: The Case of International Courts'. This was followed by the first session of Working Groups with the participation of doctoral students enrolled in the programme, chaired by professors Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida, Frederik Ponjaert, Ramona Coman and Cornelius Wiesener.

The second day started with a lecture by iCourts professor Mikkel Jarle Christensen on 'Interview techniques'. Afterwards, Professor Paula had the honour to present her research project being undertaken at the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at FGV, with the participation of researchers Giulia Romay and Fernando López Rangel, on the topic of 'Empirical Analysis of State and Non State Actors' Participation before the International Court of Justice'. In the afternoon, the second session of the Working Groups took place under the direction of Professors Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida, Frederik Ponjaert, Ramona Coman and Nicholas Haagensen.

On the third day, University College London associate professor and iCourts member Veronika Fikfak gave a lecture on 'Corpus and Text analysis – Comparative approaches', followed by JUR - MOBILE - Centre for Global Mobility Law associate professor Urska Sadl, who discussed 'Case citations and citation network analysis'. Finally, iCourts associate professor Anne LiseKjar lectured on 'Discourse Analysis'.

The Research Workshop at Copenhagen gave us the opportunity to be acquainted with the high-level research projects developed at the facilities of iCourts, directed by Mikael Rask Madsen. We thank professors Mikael, Ramona Coman and Frederik Ponjaert for organising such an enriching event which successfully combined both academic activities and a social programme that made everyone dream about coming to Copenhagen and be proud of being part of the GEM-DIAMOND family.

For more details about GEM-DIAMOND, see:

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