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International Regulation: the Role of Soft Law in Global Governance

Opening Lecture of the FGV Direito Rio's Post-Graduate Program: Soft law, transnational networks and international financial regulation, FGV Direito Rio, Rio de Janeiro

Professor Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida had the pleasure of participating as a discussant in the opening lecture of the FGV Law School's Postgraduate Program on "Soft Law, transnational networks, and international financial regulation." The keynote speaker for the event was Professor Chris Brummer from Georgetown University.

During the event, Professor Almeida offered her general remarks in connection with Professor Brummer's presentation. Her remarks encompassed several key issues, including the departure from traditional public international law in favour of a shift towards Global Governance, the utilisation of different perspectives as framing devices for understanding current global dynamics, the necessity to reconsider the theory of International Organizations, the role played by Non-State Actors in Global Governance, and the growing significance of Soft Law in this context.

Overall, the discussion provided valuable insights into the interplay between Soft Law, transnational networks, and international financial regulation, and Professor Almeida's contribution enriched the exchange of ideas during the opening lecture.

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