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Jean Monnet community Meeting

Updates on the FGV Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on EU-South America Global Governance

Annual meeting of the Jean Monnet community in Brazil, PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at FGV Direito Rio (CEJM) participated in a meeting jointly organised by the EU Delegation in Brazil, the EU Public Diplomacy Project, and the Jean Monnet Network Crisis Equity and Democracy for Europe and Latin America, coordinated by Professor Andrea Ribeiro Hoffman (PUC Rio). 

In the morning, there was a meeting with all the Jean Monnet professors in Brazil to present the status of implementation of their projects and promote cooperation among the professors and relations with the Delegation.

In the afternoon, the seminar "Security Crisis in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities for Multilateralism" took place. The event was held at PUC-Rio on Friday, May 20th. The seminar, which took place from 1 pm to 5 pm, was open to the public, who were required to register via the provided link. The guest speakers discussed the challenges and opportunities for multilateralism within the current security landscape and the role of the EU and Brazil in advancing the multilateral agenda.

The opening session featured opening remarks and a Q&A session by the distinguished Ambassador of the European Union to Brazil, H.E. Ignacio Ybáñez, and the participation of Professor Luis Manuel Fernandes (Director IRI-PUC Rio). The session was moderated by Professor Andrea Ribeiro Hoffmann (IRI-PUC Rio).

The second session, themed "War in Eastern Europe: Challenges and Opportunities for Multilateralism," featured the participation of professors Kai Lehmann (USP) and Jamile Diz (UFMG), and was moderated by Professor Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida (FGV Direito Rio), coordinator of the CEJM.

After a coffee break, the third session discussed "The Role of Brazil and the European Union in Multilateral Crisis Resolution," with presentations by professors Tomaz Esposito Neto (UFGD) and Miriam Saraiva (UERJ), and moderation by Professor Claudia Marconi (FECAP).

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