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18 August 2021

How the European Union really works

Prof. Olivier Costa

College of Europe

On August 18th 2021, the EU-South American School on Global Governance hosted Professor Olivier Costa from the College of Europe. Professor Costa delivered a lecture titled "How the European Union really works".

This lecture aimed to provide insights into the inner workings of the European Union, which is recognized as a complex political and economic organisation on a global scale.

Professor Costa, with his knowledge and expertise in European affairs, discussed various aspects of the EU's functioning. Through his presentation, he explored the mechanisms, decision-making processes, and key institutions that shape the EU's policies and actions.

The lecture was open to the public, allowing students outside the program to attend and learn from Professor Costa's expertise. This inclusive approach aimed to foster knowledge dissemination and encourage exchanges between academia and society.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in discussions and ask questions during the session, enhancing their understanding of the European Union's dynamics. The lecture catered to a diverse audience, including students, researchers, policymakers, and individuals interested in international affairs.

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