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19 October 2022

Impacts of the EU Investment Court System on Global Investment Policymaking

Professor Ely Caetano Xavier

Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro

On October 19th 2022, the FGV Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on EU-South America Global Governance, funded by the European Commission, invited Professor Ely Caetano Xavier from UFRRJ to give a lecture at the EU-South American School on Global Governance. The lecture, titled "Impacts of the EU Investment Court System on Global Investment Policymaking," took place on Wednesday, October 19th at 03:50 PM Brazilian Time (02:50 PM CEST).

The lecture was conducted in a hybrid format, with priority given to students of the EU-South American School on Global Governance course for in-person attendance. However, a limited number of spaces were also made available to the general public for remote participation via the Zoom platform. 

During the lecture, Professor Xavier explored the fundamental characteristics of the European Union's Investment Court System (ICS) as it pertains to economic agreements with Canada and Vietnam. The discussion also focused on analysing the potential impacts of the European proposal on global investment policymaking. Specifically, the lecture delved into UNCITRAL's efforts to multilateralism the investment court system and the reactions of certain South American countries. 

Professor Xavier provided valuable insights into the historical and current progress of global investment policy. He emphasised the significant role of the European Union in shaping the development of this issue, elucidating the EU's influence and its implications for global investment policymaking.

The lecture fostered engaging discussions, allowing participants to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and potential consequences associated with the EU's Investment Court System. Professor Xavier's expertise and knowledge on the topic contributed to a thought-provoking and informative session, receiving positive feedback from the students and attendees.

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