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23 February 2022

Smart Europe

Professor Renato G. Flôres Jr


On February 23rd 2022, the FGV Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on EU-South America Global Governance, funded by the European Commission, organised an open lecture as part of the EU-South American School on Global Governance. The lecture was delivered by Professor Renato G. Flôres Jr. (FGV EPGE and NPII) on the topic of "Smart Europe."

Professor Renato G. Flôres Jr. holds positions as the Director of FGV NPII - Núcleo de Prospecção e Inteligência Internacional, Professor at FGV EPGE, and coordinator of the Jean Monnet Project "Atlantic Network 2." His current research focuses on geopolitics and international governance, with a specific emphasis on future scenarios for the Western world and its interaction with the East. Some of his ideas are captured in his book "The World Corona Changed: US, China, and Middle Powers in the New International Order," published by Routledge, London, at the end of 2021.

The open lecture served as the inaugural session for the EU-South American School on Global Governance. It provided an opportunity for participants to gain insights into the concept of "Smart Europe". The lecture explored the complexities of European governance, considering the region's unique challenges and opportunities.

The event attracted participants from various backgrounds, including students, researchers, and professionals interested in global governance. The lecture was held online via the Zoom platform, allowing for widespread accessibility. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in discussions and gain a deeper understanding of the topic through Professor Flôres' expertise and insights.

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