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Graduate Stricto Sensu Programme of the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School

International Regulation

Professor Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida | FGV Direito Rio

The International Regulation course is part of the Graduate Stricto Sensu Programme of the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School.  aims to examine new trends in the international and regional decision-making processes by international organisations and non-state actors. It focuses on identifying and analysing emerging sources of international law, the challenges associated with the participation of non-state actors in global governance, including issues of legitimacy, accountability, and public authority. 

Through a comprehensive analysis of the international regulatory landscape, the course assesses mechanisms of good governance and the role of transnational regulatory authorities in international negotiations and decision-making processes. It also examines the emergence of global public goods in the international adjudication process and the challenges they present. 

Furthermore, based on the conducted studies, the course aims to propose considerations on the provision of international community values, such as human rights, the right to a healthy environment, health and development, which are expressed through global public goods. It also endeavours to present potential political and legal alternatives to address the challenges identified, along with compliance and enforcement mechanisms.

By establishing an agenda for the development of research in the field of International Regulation and Global Governance, this course seeks to address the significant gap in understanding and knowledge, particularly in Latin America. The ultimate goal is to broaden knowledge about the practice of normative production in different regulatory contexts and stimulate interest in researching the normative production of regulatory bodies at the international level.

For more information, check the Graduate Stricto Sensu Programme’s website and the International Regulation Course Programme.

Since 2019, Professor Paula Wojcikiewicz Almeida has been teaching the course on International Regulation at the Graduate Stricto Sensu Programme of the FGV Rio de Janeiro Law School.

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